How To Clean Your Curtains And Blinds

From sheer curtains to roller blinds, try a little tenderness. Here are our top tips for cleaning your curtains and blinds.

How to Clean Sheer Curtains

Wash your sheer curtains, or sheers, annually and ensure that any hooks are removed first. Sheers are delicate and require gentle cleaning; however, sheers can be washed in the washing machine. Allow them to soak in cold water for five minutes prior to washing, then rinse and drain the water. Use a mild detergent and select a gentle wash cycle until complete, including the spin cycle. Rehang the sheers while slightly damp and gently pull into shape.

Tip: To iron your sheers, choose an appropriate setting (polyester, linen or cotton) that matches the fabric.

How to Clean Fabrics with Linings

Gently vacuum your curtain fabrics every six months with a low setting. For your vacuum cleaner, select an appropriate attachment (small brush head or dust attachment) to disturb any loose dust or dirt from the curtains. For stubborn dirt and mould, mix mild detergent and mould removing agent in five litres of lukewarm water, and sponge clean the fabric. For cleaning linings and smaller areas, spot clean linings with mild detergent. Remember to change the water regularly, especially for cleaning larger areas.

Tip: Do not wash or dry clean fabrics with linings. Fabrics with linings can be heavy and bulky, and are unsuitable for washing machines and dryers.

Tip: For cleaning fabrics with linings, do not use bleach.

How to Clean Blinds

Wipe down roller blinds with a damp cloth every fortnight, and gently vacuum fabric blinds every six months with a low setting. For stubborn dirt and mould, mix mild detergent and mould removing agent in five litres of lukewarm water, and sponge clean blinds. For cleaning smaller areas, spot clean blinds with mild detergent. Remember to change the water regularly, especially for cleaning larger areas.

Tip: Do not saturate blinds.

Tip: For cleaning blinds, do not use bleach.

Curtain Store Brisbane

Find the Best Quality Fabric in Our Curtain Store in Brisbane

In our curtain store in Brisbane, you’ll look for one thing, and find many more. You’ll find the curtains that you needed for your bathroom, as well as the perfect blinds for your living room, and fabric for your loose cushions. Trust Cardell to create unique curtains or blinds that you won’t find ready-made anywhere.

Importance Of Curtain Makers

Why would you go searching for specific ready-made curtains, while we are here to make it to your heart’s desire, within your time frame and budget?

  • Measuring errors often occur when one measures a window to have curtains or blinds made. We spare you the hassle of measuring your space, by coming to you, taking all your measurements and supplying a free quote.
  • Having us come to you will ensure that your curtains drape beautifully and that the fabric is suitable for your space, for example, that you choose the right material for your north-facing lounge. While you’re spending money to have curtains made, you will want to do it properly, and not struggle with drapes that are too long or too short.
  • Maybe curtains are not what you need for a specific room. We are here to make suggestions about which type of window covering is best for your room and will also recommend colours that will provide the desired ambience.

Apart from curtains, blinds and awnings, we also upholster furniture, create bespoke soft furnishings and matching cushions, and stock high-end fabrics.

Key Questions To Ask Cardell As Curtain Manufacturers

You might have a few questions if it’s your first time having curtains made. I f we don’t answer it here, give us a call and we’ll gladly discuss any issue with you.

  • Do you also custom-make blinds, or only curtains? We have the capacity in our state-of-the-art workroom to make Venetian, Roman and roller blinds and awnings to your specifications.
  • How do I clean my curtains or blinds? Our team of friendly professionals will explain to you exactly how you should care for your curtains or blinds during our consultation. We want you to get the most value and enjoy them as much as we do making them.
  • Will my new curtains last? Yes. We only use premium quality fabric for our manufacturing. Whether it’s for your home, office or shop-front, you can rest assured that your curtains or blinds will last.

We also provide guidance to industry professionals, such as architects, interior designers and property investors.

About Cardell

We established our business in Brisbane in 1968. Our exceptional service and industry experience allow us to provide the best advice and exclusive products to you, our valued customer. Our curtain makers in Brisbane look forward to helping you create a new, personalised interior and throughout your entire home – from custom bedding to awnings for your patio, all in the best fabrics.

Over the years we have built excellent relationships with our clients, who have experienced that we communicate throughout the process, and deliver high-end products in good time. Contact us today to book your consultation and leave the hassle to us.

Bespoke Drapes Brisbane

Why You Need Bespoke Drapes in Your Brisbane Home

Bespoke drapes in your Brisbane home is the perfect way to infuse personality and style into your space while meeting your functional requirements. We have extensive experience and array of designs to create custom window treatments that can enhance your interior style while providing privacy, insulation and light control. Our professional designers will help you discover the ideal curtains and soft furnishings that look like a piece of artwork yet meet your specifications.

The Importance Of Bespoke Drapes

Drapes provide an important functional aspect to your home, which includes:

Protecting your furniture from harsh UV rays: Custom curtains can reduce the damage that harmful UV rays will have on your furniture, carpet and flooring over time. Drapes are a cost-effective method of protecting your wooden furniture from cracking or carpet from fading, which can help you to retain the value of your home and belongings.

Insulating your home: Whether the outside climate is hot or cold, you can control the inside temperature of your home with custom curtains. You can insulate your rooms and add a layer of warmth in winter with thick drapes or block out the hot sun in summer to keep your space cool. Drapes prevent energy loss through the windows and can help decrease your heating bill in winter.

Providing privacy: Installing stylish curtains will mean you can decide the degree to which people can look through your windows. This option is ideal if you have close neighbours or live on a busy street.

Tips Regarding Custom Drapes In Brisbane

Consider our tips for getting the most value out of your custom drapes.

Accurately measure your windows: To measure your windows properly, you need to think about how high on the wall you want to place the curtain rod and how much drapery should extend on either side of the glass frame. During our complimentary consultation, our professionals can guide you through this step to ensure you get the functional and stylish effect you desire.

Ask about lining options: You can select from an array of lining options that can affect the appearance and function of your drapes. Having the correct lining for your needs is essential such as blackout material which prevents most sunlight entering the room. We provide premium options to ensure that your curtain fabric and lining suit your requirements.

Carefully select additional drape features: Select your additional curtain features that best suit your lifestyle. For example, automated custom drapes can provide convenient opening and closing system using a remote control.

Why Trust Cardell Regarding Custom Drapes In Brisbane?

Our professional and fully qualified designers can ensure that your window furnishings suit your home’s interior and your lifestyle. We have extensive experience with custom drapery, provide excellent customer service and will complete your project on time. Our designers make bespoke creations in our state-of-the-art workshop using quality fabrics and accessories from around the world. Contact us to book a complimentary consultation with our skilled designers.